Vegans, Vegan food, animal rescue and all about vegans

The Vegan Belgrade portal is not an organization. We are a group of ethical vegans. We are quite ordinary people of different professions. Lovers of the whole living world. We oppose any exploitation of animals.

There are a large number of vegans and vegetarians and omnivores in transition in Belgrade and Serbia. There are also a number of organizations, groups of citizens and individuals involved in vegan animal rights activism. Unfortunately, coordination between organizations is very poor.

The Vegan Belgrade portal was created from the idea of finding all the information about the vegan world in one place.

So, on our site you can find links to all organizations, groups and individuals involved in vegan activism, animal rescue and animal rights. All vegans, vegans in transition, vegetarians, but also everyone else are welcome on the site. Are you interested in the basics of veganism or want to know more.